Finance and Accounts Department

This department is responsible to control, receive and prepare the foreign earnings, local earnings  according to the previous years on income tax, and provision for commercial tax on local sales are also accounted for investment management, preparation, submission and presentation of budget estimates, revised estimates. Finance and Accounts Department organized with 92 officers, 305 staff.

  • Formulating budget estimates in support of program objectives; presenting and justifying budget requests; development of plans for allocation resources; monitoring program execution; reviewing and analyzing funding documents; conducting comparative analyses to examine trends; reviewing budget policy and statutes to ensure compliance.
  • Reviewing and interpreting accounting and financial management policy procedure, standards and statutes to ensure compliance; monitoring and examining accounts, specific appropriations or financial records for account status and reporting requirements and verifying accounts documentation
  • Planning and conducting performance and financial reviews of major programs and entities to evaluate the reliability, effectiveness and efficiency of the corporation; making recommendations based on findings that identify cost savings through improved operations; and following up on recommendations to ensure implementation.
  • Teach the staffs at training schools under MTE in order to promote qualifications of staff and to teach at internal course of department.
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