Tender Sale Confirmations (June, 2019)

Tender Sale Confirmations (June, 2019)

Myanma Timber Enterprise announces that the following participants to the Tender & Open Tenders held at Taw Win Hall of MTE HQ in June 2019, will be recognized as the winning bidders for the relevant timber parcels.

The sales approvals will be confirmed after Sale contracts, Payments & Delivery Order concerning with the relevant timber parcels.

(A)    Teak Logs Sale Confirmation

         (1)     Special Open Tender (21-6-2019)

        (2)     Open Tender (24-6-2019)

(B)      Hardwood Logs Sale Confirmation

           Special Open Tender NO-07/2018-2019 Hardwood Logs (Ex-Site)

           2018-2019 Extracted Year. (20/21.6.2019)


(C)      Teak Conversions Sale Confirmation

           Open Tender 07/2018-2019 (21-6-2019)


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