Care and Management of Elephant and its Operational Guidelines

In Myanmar, the elephants are the main power in timber extraction from the natural forests which are too jangled and mountainous, while Buffalo power can be used only on flat terrain for short hauling distances and smaller trees.

 As elephants are essential work force for timber harvesting in Myanmar, they are being taken good care for their health by the Myanma Timber Enterprise (MTE). The extraction staff has to abide the rules, regulations, order and guidelines, related to elephant cases; those are described in DI, SOS, and Extraction Manual. In addition, the Extraction Department has issued the “Operational Guidelines and Management and Care of Elephant” in which the term and nomenclature of elephant, its various types and sizes, classification of elephant by the capacity of load carriage, identification and stamping of elephant, duties of the elephant staff, tool and instruments for elephant, elephant logging, diseases of elephant, caring for elephant, etc., are mentioned.

For the public, the detail can be read here.

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